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Visa Waiver Program

Important Notice: Visa Waiver Program Passport Requirements

International travelers, who are nationals of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries -- including Singapore, seeking to travel to the United States without a visa, should review this important information on passport requirements for travelers under VWP. 

All VWP travelers, regardless of age or type of passport used, must present a machine-readable passport. In addition, depending on when VWP travelers’ passports were issued, other passport requirements apply:

  • Nationals of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Republic of Korea, and the Slovak Republic require passports with an integrated chip containing the information from the data page (e-Passport). 
  • Nationals of other VWP countries:
    • Machine-readable passports issued or renewed/extended on or after 10/26/06: passports must have integrated chips with information from the data page (e-Passport).
    • Machine-readable passports issued or renewed/extended between 10/26/05 and 10/25/06: passports must have digital photographs printed on the data page or integrated chips with information from the data page.
    • Machine-readable passports issued or renewed/extended before 10/26/05: no further requirements.

All Visa Waiver Program (VWP) emergency or temporary passports must be electronic passports (e-Passports) to be eligible for travel to the United States without a visa under the VWP. This includes VWP applicants who present emergency or temporary passports to transit the United States. U.S. Customs and Border Protection may exercise discretion at the ports of entry for cases in which VWP applicants are traveling for medical or other emergency reasons. A VWP national arriving in the United States with a non-compliant passport, for other than emergency travel reasons, may be detained for further processing and/or denied admission. 

If you are a traveler from a VWP country and your passport does not meet these requirements, you may want to consider obtaining a new VWP-compliant passport from the passport issuing authority in your country of citizenship. Otherwise you cannot travel under VWP and you must obtain a visa in your valid passport for entry into the United States.  Travelers who require a visa may obtain information and forms by referring to the U.S. Embassy website. Check for more information on the Visa Waiver Program.

Official and diplomatic passports are exempted from biometric digital photo and chip requirements, but must be machine-readable.