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List of Attorneys

Legal Information

August 2013

Legal Practice: Singaporean law and procedure closely resembles the British system. There is, however, no distinction between a barrister-at-law and a solicitor for purposes of pleading before the courts.  By law Singapore attorneys are not permitted to accept payment for services on a percentage of damages or on a contingency basis.

The U.S. Embassy, Singapore assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of any of the firms or attorneys whose names appear on this list.

"Offshore" Law Firms: The Government of Singapore has permitted some foreign firms to have offices in Singapore, provided that they practice only "offshore" law, i.e., international corporate and financial law. They are not allowed to practice Singapore law, and may not appear in local courts. The American "offshore" firms are:

American Offshore Firms:

Morrison & Foerster LLP (Singapore)
50 Collyer Quay
#12-01 QUE Bayfront
Singapore 049321
Tel: (65) 6922-2000
Fax: (65) 6922-2008
Managing Partner: Mr. Eric J. Piesner

Services provided: banking/finance/venture capital financings/ foreign investment/ mergers & acquisitions/corporations/joint venture

White & Case
8 Marina View
#27-01 Asia Square Tower 1
Singapore 0118960
Tel: (65) 6225-6000
Fax: (65) 6225-6009

Services provided: Civil damages/banking/finance investment/mergers and acquisitions joint ventures/capital markets corporate law advice

Local Law Firms:

Abraham Low LLC
24 Raffles Place
#07-02 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
Tel: (65) 6535-6688
Fax: (65) 6534-3606
Contact: Mr. Aloysius LENG

Services provided: General civil litigation; trusts and estate planning; family and matrimonial law; conveyance and property law; employment law and intellectual property.

Ann Tan & Associates
14 Robinson Road
#09-02 Far East Finance Bldg.
Tel: Singapore 048545
Tel: (65) 6225-5822
Fax: (65) 6224-1515
Contact: Dr. Anamah TAN

Service provided:  Adoptions, child custody, divorce, immigration matters, company & commercial law, probate & administration of estates, accidents claims, conveyance and property law.

Asia Law Corporation
Advocates & Solicitors
490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
#03-17 HDB Hub (near Biz 3 lift lobby 2)
Singapore 310490
Tel: (65) 6222 2966
Fax: (65) 6222 2977
Partner: Mr. Harry Sim
Tel: (65) 6350-2111

Services provided: Property law, civil/criminal litigation, corporate law (mergers & acquisitions), family & matrimonial law, wills & probates, intellectual property law, information technology law, business development, financing/franchise consulting, multi-level marketing consulting, China business consulting.

Chia Wong LLP (Singapore)
No. 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#11-08 The Central (SOHO 1)
Singapore 059817
Tel:  (65) 6342-0002
Fax:  (65) 6348-0002
Partners:  Chia Boon Teck, Wong Kai  Yun

Services provided: family law/adoptions/child custody/parental child abduction/child protection/marriage/divorce/civil law/ criminal law/ damages/ taxes/ foreign claims/ immigration/ government relations/ commercial/business law/ banking/financial/foreign investments/insurance/marketing agreements/commissioner for oaths.

David Chong & Co.
6 Temasek Boulevard
#09-04 Suntec Tower Four
Singapore 038986
Tel:(65) 6224-0955
Fax: (65) 6538-6585
Sole  Proprietor: Chong  Kok Kong David

Services provided: Trust & estates, corporate company, law, adoptions, child custody, divorce, immigration.

Dhillon & Partners
#171 Chin Swee Rd.,
#08-05/06, San Centre
Singapore 169877
Tele:  (65) 6323-2320
Fax:  (65) 6538-8815
Contact:  Surinder Singh Dhillon

Services provided:  family law, adoptions, child custody, parental child abduction, child protection, marriage/divorce, civil law, criminal law, damages, narcotics, collections, contracts, estates, immigration, commercial/business law, insurance, marketing agreements, auto accidents, labor relations, corporations. 

Donaldson & Burkinshaw
24 Raffles Place
#15-00 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
Tel: (65) 6533-9422
Fax: (65) 6533-7806

Services provided: Adoptions, child custody, taxes insurance, estates, divorce, aeronautical, maritime, banking, investment, auto accidents, and civil damage.

Drew & Napier
10 Collyer Quay
10th Floor Ocean Financial Center
Singapore 049315
Tel: (65) 6535-0733
Fax: (65) 6532-7149
Contact: Mr. Davinder Singh, Senior Counsel

Services provided: Adoptions, child custody, divorce, civil damages, banking, estates, immigration, auto accidents, narcotics, marketing, taxes, investment, and criminal cases.

Duane Morris & Selvam LLP
16 Collyer Quay, #17-00
Singapore 049318
Tel: (65) 6311-3654
Fax: (65) 6311-0058

Services provided: Civil law, collections, contracts, transportation law, estates, taxes, foreign claims, immigration law, commercial/business law, banking/financial, foreign investments, insurance, marketing agreements, patents/trademarks/copyrights. Aeronautical/maritime, labor relations, corporations.

Gloria James-Civetta & Co.
5 Coleman Street
#03-05/06 Excelsior Hotel Shopping Centre
Singapore 179805
Tel:  6337-0469
Fax: 6337-0463
HP: 9725-4455

Services provided: Criminal Law, Expat cross-border Divorces, Family Law Matters, Corporate Law, Civil & Commercial Law, Employment Law, Criminal Law, Coroner’s Court Inquests, Notary Services, Wills & Estate Law Matters, General Solicitors Work & other litigation matters.

Harry Elias Partnership
SGX Centre 2, #17-01
4 Shenton Way
Singapore 068807
Tel: 65 6535 0550
Fax: 65 6438 0550

Services provided: Aviation, shipping, arbitration, mediation, criminal law, family and matrimonial, general civil litigation, insolvency and asset recovery, corporate and financial assets, insurance, private wealth management, intellectual property, sport law.

Kalco Law LLC
101A Upper Cross St
People’s Park Centre #12-17
Singapore 058358
Tel: (65) 6533-4833
Fax: (65) 6532-7408
Contact: Ms. Nadia Moynihan

Services provided: Family Law; Adoptions; Child Custody; Immigration; Parental Child Abduction; Child Protection; Commercial/Business Law; Marriage/Divorce; Civil Law; Criminal Law; Insurance; Damages; Marketing Agreements; Narcotics;  Auto Accidents; Contracts; Labor Relations; Estates; corporations; Foreign Claims (Arbitration or SICC).                                           

Khattar Wong (Singapore)
80 Raffles Place, #25-01 UOB Plaza 1
Singapore 048624
Subhas Anandan
Tel:  (65) 6238-3310
Fax:  (65) 6238-8240
Contact:  Subhas Anandan 

Services provided: criminal law/commissioner for oaths/notary public. 

Rodyk & Davidson LLP
80 Raffles Place
#33-00 UOB Plaza 1
Singapore 048624
Tel: (65) 6225-2626
Fax: (65) 6225-1838
Contact: Woon Chooi Yeo
Managing Partner: Philip Jeyaretnam, SC

Services provided: Adoptions, child custody, taxes estates, divorce, civil damages, claims, insurance, auto accidents, immigration, narcotics, theft, fraud, embezzlement, and banking.

Salem Ibrahim & Partners
79 Robinson Road
#16-06 CPF Building
Singapore 068897
Tel:  (65) 6226-1233
Fax:  (65) 6226-0988
Contact:  Salem Ibrahim
Partner:  Baltej Kaur

Services provided:  family law, adoptions, child custody, parental child abduction, child protection, marriage/divorce, civil law, criminal law, damages, taxes, foreign claims, immigration, commercial/business law, banking/financial, foreign investments, insurance, marketing agreements, collections, contracts, transportation law, estates, auto accidents, aeronautical, labor relations, corporations as in aircraft sales, purchase, finance, leasings, charter and advise on operational legal issues.

Shook, Lin & Bok
1 Robinson Road
#18-00 AIA Tower
Singapore 048542
Tel: (65) 6535-1944
Fax: (65) 6535-8577

Services provided: Banking, trade, estates, intellectual property, finance, insurance and conveyance.

Straits Law Advocates & Solicitors
Straits Law Practice LLC
36 Robinson Road,
18th Floor, City House
Singapore 068877
Tel:  (65) 6538-1300
Fax:  (65) 6538-1311

Services provided:  Family law, adoptions, child custody, parental child abduction, child protection, marriage/divorce, civil law, criminal law, damages, narcotics, collections, contracts, transportation law, estates, taxes, foreign claims, immigration, government relations, commercial/business law, banking/financial, foreign investments, insurance, marketing agreements, damages, auto accidents, patents/trademarks/copyrights, labor relations, corporations.

Virtus Law
49 Amoy Street # 02-00
Singapore 069875
Tel: (65) 6737-1234
Fax: (65) 6339-4991

Services provided: Adoptions, family law, estates/banking/insurance, corporate criminal cases, conveyance, intellectual property (copyrights and trademarks).

Pro Bono Legal Services: Unlike the U.S. legal system, the Singapore legal system is not required to provide legal counsel to those convicted of crimes but who cannot afford an attorney. However, for certain types of criminal charges, the Law Society of Singapore may provide U.S. citizens with pro bono legal counsel if they meet the Law Society’s application requirements including a strict financial means test.  Not all applications for pro bono service are approved. To apply for pro bono legal services, see the Law Society of Singapore’s website and submit an application to request review of your case at: